Bialetti Tazzona espresso maker

The charming Bialetti Tazzona is an electric espresso maker that includes the best of Italian coffee culture and the authentic spirit of conviviality in a unique, enthusiastic design. Following the success of Mokona, the Moka shaped espresso coffee machine, Bialetti Tazzona espresso maker is yet another original espresso machine which is shaped like a coffee cup, thereby creating a perfect gift idea featuring zest and good humour. The original design is combined with functional quality. In fact, Tazzona prepares coffees that can compete with those found in traditional cafes and coffee houses, thanks to the pressure of the 20-bar pump which provides for even more intense and aromatic espressos.

Moreover, this Bialetti espresso machine is equipped with a practical spout that can be used to whip up a milk froth, allowing for the preparation of creamy cappuccinos and lattes. Tazzona features a triple function option and can be used with ground coffee, paper coffee pods or with Bialetti coffee capsules, in the creamy Arabic, creamy full-bodied and creamy decaffeinated versions. The espresso maker is easy to use, thanks to the presence of a single arm where the coffee is placed, no matter which of the three options is selected. Tazzona is available in red, black, white and black/white colours. Price is € 170. Bialetti.
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