Melitta Caffeo Lattea – smallest fully automatic coffee machine

The new fully automatic Melitta Caffeo Lattea makes a terrific gift for anyone who appreciate fine espresso or latte. The machine offers straightforward coffee fun and is geared for the young, mobile lifestyle. You don’t even need a supply of milk. Specially designed milk2shower powder which is available in 5 flavours including Simply White, Knock Over Rocks, Caramel Kick, Vanilla Reload and Spicy Chai, makes perfect milk froth. Melitta milk2shower consists of dried milk powder, skimmed milk, a special milk protein foam and a flavor additive, and has 18-month shelf life. Freshly ground beans and wonderfully creamy milk froth in different flavors will certainly create a unique taste experience. And Melitta Caffeo Lattea is quite easy to clean. The Caffeo Lattea comes with magnetic milk jugs that are simply removed and rinsed in warm water, while automatic cleaning and descaling functions take care of the rest.

Being 20 cm wide, 32.5 cm deep and 45.5 cm tall helps, as Melitta Caffeo Lattea is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee machines in the world and thus fits perfectly into a modern and flexible living and working space. It is available in four fashionable colors, eggplant-black, silver, black, red-black and silver-white. Behind the stylish facade with chrome controls and chrome plated coffee spout lies Melitta advanced technology including,
– high quality materials
– energy saving function
– zero-watt switch
– removable brewing unit
– 15 bar pressure pump
– 1.4 kW thermoblock heater
– coffee grinder
– adjustable coffee strength and volume
Price for this fully automatic coffee machine is € 500. Melitta. Also, Melitta Caffeo Solo.

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