HT Lux Ellemme by Sand & Birch

Sand & Birch continues its collaboration with Cantine Ellemme, and after the amazing releases of Winebag and Opale wine cellars – soon become cult objects for collectors – its time to introduce HT Lux, a rigorous and elegant parallelepiped in oak and maple wood, with stainless steel finishes, anti UV glasses, LED system lighting and a capacity for about 70 bottles lodged on removable shelves.

As Winebag and Opale were a reflection about a revolutionary way to consider the wine cellar object and its aesthetic potential, HT Lux design is more traditional and classic, since it’s part of a product range conceived for a wider target. But, at the same time, HT Lux wine cellar doesn’t give up with the reasons that make the success of all Sand & Birch’s creations. Purity of lines, high class design, first choice materials, and the most modern technologies joined to the hand-made care of details and of the whole production process. HT Lux can fit every setting and complete with class and a modern touch hotels, restaurants and pubs’ interior decoration and furnishings. Sand & Birch. Previosly, 24-bottle wine cellars by Ellemme.

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