Isomac espresso machine in stainless steel – la Mondiale

Known for its distinctly heavy, full metal portafilter handles, the Isomac Mondiale espresso machine features 2.2 liter AISI 304 stainless steel heat exchanger boiler for continuous espresso and steam production, 1.4 kW heat element for fast heat up and recovery time, 15 bar pressure pump, commercial grade electrical system and professional grade dual-purpose pressure gauge to monitor boiler and pump pressures. The Italian made Mondiale also has multidirectional steam and hot water wands, allowing you to move them in any direction. And what looks like the speakers on both sides of the espresso machine, are actually an integral part of passive airflow system inside.

Main features of semi commercial Isomac espresso machine also include,
– pressurestat to adjust pressure and temperature within the boiler
– large drip tray for easy removal and cleaning
– hidden metal feet to maintain stability throughout
– automatic boiler refill system to insure proper water level inside boiler
– passive cup warmer plate on top with boiler generated heat
– removable cup warmer cover for refilling water reservoir
– 2-liter removable water reservoir for easy refill and cleaning
– instant hot water on demand for tea, hot chocolate, soup
– spring activated, low water shutoff switch
– pressure relief valve to regulate pump pressure
The Isomac espresso machine comes with one-cup filter basket, two-cup filter basket, one portafilter handle with single spout, one portafilter handle with double spout, measuring scoop and plastic tamper. You can buy la Mondiale for approximately $1,800. Isomac.

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