Nuova Simonelli Musica espresso machine

Designed for the serious coffee drinkers who want to enjoy an espresso that tastes like it comes from a bar at the comfort of their homes, Nuova Simonelli Musica offers professional features and performance, combined with a friendly button interface and ergonomic filter holder in a stainless espresso machine.

Nuova Simonelli Musica in standard version comes with black rim. But you can get the Lux model, which features glowing, tiny soft blue LEDs instead. The lights that can be turned on and off independently of the machine, give Musica espresso machine a touch of refinement and originality. Nuova Simonelli, of course, makes the incredible Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine.
This espresso machine has a visible pressure gauge for checking pressure in the boiler tank. while its water temperature is stabilized by an efficient heat exchanger inside the boiler tank, which also guarantees that there is always a great amount of steam available for foaming milk. In addition, Nuova Simonelli Musica is equipped with a thermo-compensated pouring group and a programmed pre-infusion system for a full extraction from the grind and consistent espresso shots.
The elegant button interface with brightness-adjustable back-lit soft touch buttons also serves as an intuitive instrument panel with No Water and Heating Element On indicator lights. The volumetric dosing system can store up to 3 different dose settings.
The programmable hot water nozzle provides pre-determined doses, allowing you to make any hot beverage in a matter of several seconds. The excellent steam wand features an easy to use lever that opens up a high pressure steam flow so you can quickly prepare cafe quality cappuccinos and lattes.
You can get your Nuova Simonelli Musica espresso machine with 3-liter water tank, complete with waterstop valve and anti-scale cartridge, placed behind the large 9-cup warmer shelf on the top, or get a direct water connection version.
Nuova Simonelli Musica espresso machine measures sizable 12.75″W x 16.75″H x 16″D and comes with a single and double 58 mm portafilters, stainless steel blank disk for back flushing, plastic tamper and coffee scoop. The standard black rimmed model with water tank sells for around $2,250, while the Lux LED Musica will cost you close to $2,500. The price for the direct plug-in black rimmed Musica espresso machine is $2,900. Nuova Simonelli.

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