Built-in oven – AEG MaxiKlasse

This is a large built-in oven with 74-litre cooking cavity that lets you cook everything – from an 18kg turkey to 150 canapes. The AEG MaxiKlasse built-in ovens offer unrivalled size and performance. The oven comes with the MaxiKlasse Probe which monitors the core temperature of the dish, helping you cook perfect meat, fish and other dishes. Food is cooked beautifully in the MaxiKlasse built-in oven using AEG unique ThermiC°Air system which circulates the hot air evenly throughout the whole interior, which means that your food will cook evenly at any of the oven 5 shelf positions, ideal for delicious food that is golden brown all over.

The insulation as well as the special coating of the multi-layered glass of triple-glazed door reflects more heat towards the food, thereby preventing heat loss through the oven walls. As a result, the core range is rated at ‘A’-10% efficiency, while PyroluxePlus models reach an exceptional ‘A’-20%, which is the highest energy efficiency among modern built-in ovens on the market.
With AEG MaxiKlasse built-in oven you can use conventional heat from the top and bottom elements to bake bread and cakes, bottom heat element only to reheat pies and pastries keeping them crisp or warm plates, dual circuit economy variable grill to provide full width even grilling and fan baking with the fan circulating hot air which is generated by the bottom element and ring element for perfect results when batch baking.
Cleaning is easy outside and inside with retractable controls for a flush finish, and with AntiStick oven shelves and a smooth enamel interior as cooking residues can be easily wiped away immediately after cooking. AEG.

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