AEG-Electrolux auto-cook oven

The new auto-cook oven, AEG-Electrolux B99785 is a multifunction double oven with digital auto-cooking feature for precisely computed cooking parameters and perfectly cooked dishes. Its advanced auto-cook sensor system detects the volume of food in the oven and based on the food category together with the time it takes to heat up, the oven automatically selects the optimum cooking function and precise temperature and time to achieve the perfect result every time you cook, including –
baking – gently circulated hot air ensures excellent bread, cakes and pies
roasting – the meat is cooked to perfection using the meat probe
oven dishes – superior results for souffles, gratins or bread and butter pudding
convenience food – ideal for re-heating or cooking prepared foods
pizza – crispy base, gently melted cheese topping, fresh or frozen, thick or thin
When you want to be in total control, the digital auto-cooking option can be over-ridden and will perform as a multifunction oven, providing 12 cooking functions. The 60cm wide AEG-Electrolux oven also features Pyroluxe total auto cleaning system. This is the ultimate in oven cleaning – use this setting to heat the oven to a very high temperature that burns off the residue leaving a fine ash, which can be simply wiped away.

The B99785 oven is the embodiment of AEG-Electrolux’s commitment to perfection in both form and function. Sleek and elegant on the outside, Finished in fingerprint proof stainless steel and as with all AEG-Electrolux ovens is ‘A’ energy rated. See also under counter oven by AEG-Electrolux.

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