AEG Culisense oven

Thanks to advanced sensors which can detect the weight and volume of the food you are cooking, the new AEG Culisense oven calculates the right temperature and time, delivering mouthwatering results at the touch of a button. In addition, Culisense oven is equipped with a large database of expert recipes and functions, including the unique and innovative AutoCook. Basically, AEG engineered this built-in oven to do all work, keeping your involvement to the bare minimum.

With the new, intelligent AutoCook function and simple NaviSight navigational controls, cooking is very straightforward. With AEG Culisense, there is no guessing, just 4 cooking steps to reach culinary perfection,
– select the auto cooking program that is right for your dish
– choose your desired food category
– Culisense indicates the right shelf level to place your food
– leave the rest to the Culisense oven
The AEG oven is self-cleaning, featuring the PyroLuxe program and various options to choose from, depending on how dirty the oven becomes, as well as the specially coated AntiStick shelves that prevent grease sticking.
The 58-litre oven is also equipped with the maintenance-free CleanAir Control to efficiently remove unpleasant smells. It also has the easy to use and clean TrueSpit accessory, to enable the oven to achieve an authentic and true spit roast effect with minimal effort.
The design of this AEG Culisense oven matches perfectly with the other kitchen appliances in the AEG Neue Kollektion, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into the overall living space.
Other key features include ThermiC° hot air cooking, 15 cooking functions and fast heat-up, ‘A’ energy rating, and IsoFront oven door with quadruple glazing. Price is £1,400. AEG.

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