Multifunction cooker from Bosch

This meticulously designed multifunction cooker, Bosch HEB78D750 is the ultimate built-in oven with 68 cooking programs managed by autopilot that can utilize any of the 13 heating functions and modes including upper and lower heat, sub-heat, hot 3D Plus, mixing-Infra-BBQ, large variable grill, variable small fan grill, thawing, pizza stage, hydro-baking, preheating, warming, intensive heat and gentle cooking. Bosch also equipped this cooker with touch sensors, electronic text display and clock, and incorporated sleek and precise design details such as a faceted door application and metallic controls. The multifunction cooker also has self-cleaning pyrolytic technology, full glass inner door, SoftLight, and an oven carriage with SoftEject system. Safety features include child lock and auto shutoff. Price for this Bosch multifunction cooker is about € 1,400.

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