Double wall oven from Bosch 500 Series

Designed to fit perfectly flush with your existing cabinetry, this 30 inch wide double wall oven from Bosch brings a sophisticated look enhancing your kitchen appearance as well as its value. At 4.7 cubic feet, this wall oven is one of the largest on the market. And thanks to the 6-way adjustable rack, you can cook for the whole family simultaneously, while monitoring the progress of your meal through an expansive viewing window. Bright halogen lighting system makes your food perfectly visible. The heavy-duty porcelain rack supports can hold very heavy dishes while allowing the racks to glide far more smoothly than traditional ribbed oven cavities. You can also change rack positions or mount telescopic racks quite easily. And to top it up, these rack supports can be conveniently left in the oven during EcoClean self-cleaning cycle, which is one of the industry most economical and energy efficient. When it comes to functionality this Bosch oven offers 16 different heating modes including several convection modes, traditional bake and roast, and special modes such as pizza, pie or proof. The genuine European Convection of the double wall oven comes with a powerful 2 kW third heating element that surrounds the convection fan, circulating preheated air throughout the double oven and translating into more even cooking results without flavor transfer due to an excellent heated air distribution in the oven cavity – all while cutting cooking time by 30% compared to traditional cooking. The Speed Convection allows you to cook your favorite frozen items without preheating. Your frozen pizza, fish sticks or onion rings can go right in, saving time and energy. If you do want to preheat, this oven features seven cooking modes with the fastest preheat and is ready to cook in less than 7 minutes. The full text display clearly shows you the heating mode, temperature, preheat status, timer and other information. A recessed top heating element and a fully concealed bottom heating element contribute into great interior capacity, as well as making this double wall oven very safe when removing dishes, and extremely easy to clean. Other key features include ergonomic retractable dials with glass touch control, scratch resistant glass control panel, Sabbath Mode, meat probe, recipes and porcelain broil pan. Suggested price for the stainless steel, double wall oven from Bosch 500 Series is $3,200 USD. Also available in white or black for a $100 less. And if you have a limited kitchen space,try the 27 inch version. Bosch. Previously, Turbochef Speedcook double wall oven.

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