Contemporary cooktops from Bertazzoni

Bertazzoni Design Series offer 8 stylish and high performing contemporary cooktops to satisfy your every culinary desire. All gas, all induction or a combination of two – the cooktop you choose will help you create the best tasting, restaurant-quality dishes in your own kitchen.
The P30 I 4 XX black ceramic, stainless trimmed 30″ wide, 4-zone induction cooktop is ideal for a contemporary kitchen, featuring touch controls and 10.0 kW in total output. Bertazzoni other induction cooktops are 36″ wide 5-zone models – the PM36 0 IG X segmented cooktop with knob controls and the P36 5 I X with touch controls.

The PM36 1 IGX is one of the modern segmented cooktops with a versatile dual burner on the left, a segment with rapid and semi-rapid burners in the middle, and a 2-zone induction on the right. All Bertazzoni Design Series gas burners are made from solid brass. Accessories include griddle plates, wok ring and simmer ring. 4 additional 36″ wide contemporary cooktops are the PM36 5 S0X 5-burner, the PM36 5 00X 5-burner, the PM36 3 0GX 3-burner with griddle and the PM36 3 I0X 3-burner with 2 induction zones and griddle. Bertazzoni. Previously, Bertazzoni oven.

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