Bertazzoni Cooktop Cabinet – a built-in gas module

The modern kitchen is overflowing with wonderful ingredients and appliances. When space is such a commodity Bertazzoni provide a sublime solution. Bertazzoni are in the heart of Italy, a region where not only have they a passion for food, but also for design. Part of the Modular Series Cooking Systems, the 36” Built-In Gas Cooktop Cabinet is sleek and functional. The gas range gives you the versatility to cook like a star, with the high quality you can only get from a firm that’s been making stoves since 1882. The base unit nests into the counter top, enhancing the materials around it. The open shelves are ideal for keeping pans in easy reach. No longer will you have to dig through cupboards when inspiration hits you. Added to the fact it’s easy to clean and will brighten any room; this could be just the think to add luster to your kitchen. See also Bertazzoni gas range and Bertazzoni gas cooktop.

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