De Dietrich Piano zoneless induction hob

Built on its zoneless technology, originally introduced with the Continuum induction hob back in 2007, De Dietrich Piano is likely the industry most advanced zoneless induction hob. The De Dietrich DTiM1000C delivers ultimate cooking freedom. Offering intelligent and intuitive options to make life easier for aspiring home chefs, the Piano zoneless induction cooktop incorporates a full colour touchscreen technology, large 81cm x 40cm cooking zone and provides power, performance and flexibility.

This 93cm wide ceramic glass induction hob features a full colour, centrally located 250,000 pixel TFT touchscreen. As soon as the hob is plugged in, the control panel is activated and guides the user through the options available, starting with a full range of languages, followed by the cooking options – EXPERT, PIANO and SOLO.
EXPERT utilises the entire cooking zone with the help of multiple inductors beneath the ceramic glass surface. Place up to 5 differently sized pans on the hob and De Dietrich Piano will detect them all. Then choose the power level from 1 to 15 or maximum Boost and select the cooking time. Even if you move the pan anywhere within the zone, the cooktop detectors will ensure that the temperature of the pan remains constant.
With PIANO option, the cooking space is automatically converted to 3 separate cooking zones, that look similar to the keys of a piano. Once you have decided the correct temperature for each zone, simply choose which pan you wish to cook with at each of the given temperatures. You can set the left hand area for concentrated cooking, the right hand cooking area for high temperatures and the central section for simmering. Or however you want to do it.
SOLO features a single temperature across the entire zone, with every pan heated at one single temperature, thus ideal for warming at lower temperatures without burning food. A truly great benefit and one that is unique for induction hob cooking.
Other key characteristics and benefits of this zoneless induction hob are 10 safety points, including anti-overheat, anti-overflow, automatic stop, residual heat indicators, child lock, automatic pan detection, small object detection, control lock, cleaning lock and electronic power monitor. The 10.8 kW De Dietrich DTiM1000C Piano Induction Hob sells for around £3,700.

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