Gas cooktops from ATAG Magna Design Line

These elegant gas cooktops are part of ATAG exclusive Magna Design Line – an exclusive range of superior, high quality and performance kitchen appliances, featuring distinct, timeless designs, and creating the ultimate in style and substance for kitchens of today.
All ATAG gas cooktops come with powerful, in-house designed efficient A+ burners. In addition to the powerful wok burner with a capacity of 4.5 kW, selected Magna cooktops have an ultra high-power wok burner with a minimum capacity of 0.2 kW and a smashing maximum capacity of 5.7 kW. A wok ring is supplied for the extra stability of large woks. The control knobs used for the cooktops are made entirely of stainless steel, matching with the Magna ovens and cooker hood details perfectly.
Magna gas cooktops have a beautiful stainless steel trim, which also protects the glass in case, you accidentally knock a pan against the edge of the cooktop. Previously, ATAG gas hob. ATAG Appliances.

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