Black Textured Ceramic Glass Induction Cooktop by Wind Crest

The 36″ induction cooktop from Wind Crest is finished in black textured ceramic glass with matching rear frame. Textured glass surface of this low profile cooktop minimizes fingerprints and protects the glass finish. Five cooking zones with total cooktop power of 13,600 Watts, and full range of power on all zones with absolutely no power sharing or cycling between zones, give all the options and performance you need for fast and enjoyable cooking, assuring each dish gets cooked to perfection at minimum time. The oversized 12″ center zone comes with a maximum of 3,600 Watts, two 9″ rear zones have 2,800 Watts each and two 6″ front zones have 2,200 Watts each. Precise, touch-sensitive electronic controls with 11 power settings, including 3 pre-set options, are conveniently located and easy to manipulate. Other features of the Wind Crest induction cooktop include AutoPanSizing which senses pan size and matches heat transfer to the pan with no residual heat loss, and AutoOff which turns the cooking surface off within 30 seconds if pan is removed, or it senses a non-conductive pan is present. Cool to-the-touch cooking surface is safe. The 30″ induction cooktop is also available. Wind Crest.

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