Compact Induction Cooktop by Max Burton is perfect for a small kitchen

This portable induction cooktop is perfect for your office, patio, or as an extra cooktop in the kitchen, when you need to boil water or warm up some leftovers. As everyone knows, induction cooking is safe and quick. With 9 temperature settings, 10 power levels and a 150-minute timer with alarm and auto shutoff, the 1.6 kW Max Burton induction cooktop looks diminutive, yet performs quite admirably. Features also include keep-warm setting and instant temperature change between 150°F and 390°F with the push of a button. As with any induction cooktop, use only with cast-iron, carbon steel, enamel steel or magnetic stainless-steel cookware. Price at Chefs is $125. Previously, portable induction cooktops by CookTek.

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