Electrolux cooktop offers infinite induction

Made for modern kitchens, the new induction cooktop from Electrolux reflects latest European trends and tastes of today most demanding consumers. With their busy daily lives the quality, performance low maintenance and ease of operation are most important features potential buyers are looking for. With its innovative design and style, the Infinite Series induction cooktop reflects all of the above and takes it step further. From inconspicuous marking of the individual cooking zones with cross-hairs and bright strip lines on the black vitroceramic surface, to ergonomic TouchControls, to a specially developed power management system that allows combining two cooking zones into one with a higher energy level, this stylish Electrolux induction cooktop delivers. Main features include 4 induction cooking zone with power boost function and power range from 2.3 kW to 3.2 kW, timer for every cooking zone, automatic switch-off function, residual heat display and child safety lock. Price is 1,400 €. Previously, Electrolux hybrid cooktop.

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