Induction hob from Electrolux

The 80cm wide EHD80170P is sleek induction hob by Electrolux, featuring 4 induction zones with touch controls and individual zone timers. The extra large induction zone makes it very user-friendly and there is a useful booster setting for fast cooking. The auto heat up brings food to the boil and automatically reduces it to a preselected level for ease of use. Fast and safe, the induction hob uses an electromagnetic coil beneath the cooking zones to create an induction field which heats the metal pan on the hob. As heat is not used, the hob itself never gets hot, only the pan. The benefits of induction cooking are many, such as instant heat and unrivalled speed with water reaching boiling temperature 3 times quicker. Induction hob is also highly responsive and can move from low to high temperature very quickly. And it is safer, energy efficient and is easy to clean as nothing bakes on.

Additional main benefits and features of this 80cm induction hob include,
– front touch controls for precise control and ease of use
– Stop + Go function, great for unexpected interruptions
– Auto Heat up for easy zone management
– timers per zone for easy time management
– extra large induction zone
– child safety lock
The black glass induction hob from Electrolux will be available from May 2010 and is expected to retail for £650.
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