Reduce food waste with the new Sub-Zero line of built-in refrigerators

We were really impressed with the new Sub-Zero refrigerators from 2008 BI line, which underscores Sub-Zero expertise and commitment to food preservation. The line helps significantly reduce food waste and keep food fresher longer. Several studies suggest that an average household throws out well in excess of $500 worth of fruits, vegetables, leftovers and other food items every year due to spoilage. This number will likely increase due to the rising food prices. Much of the waste can be reduced by proper refrigeration and the reduction of ethylene gas in the refrigerator.
Sub-Zero incorporated into the new line its tried and proven freshness preservation system, which is a dual-compressor operating system that separately controls the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator and freezer compartments, and holds preset temperatures within a plus/minus 1°F. This precise, independent control of the refrigerator and freezer compartments ensures the highest air quality and therefore, fresh food and energy efficiency. Other refrigerators utilize just one compressor to push air from the freezer into the refrigerator, and this recycled air from the freezer compartment contributes to the drying and decay of fresh foods.
An advanced air purification system scrubs the entire volume of air in the refrigerator roughly every 20 minutes, significantly reducing odors, viruses and bacteria, as well as the ethylene gases present in some foods that cause premature ripening and, ultimately, food spoilage. Some fresh foods, such as apples, naturally emit ethylene gas, which will make carrots in the refrigerator taste bitter and leafy vegetables decay faster.
Another feature of the built-in Sub Zero refrigeration line is its new water filtration system. Sub-Zero created one of the most-advanced water filtration systems in the industry, designed to significantly reduce contaminants such as viruses and bacteria that may be present in water and ice. Most refrigeration water filters typically reduce chlorine and sediment, but this new design takes filtration a step further. The new microbiological water filter preserves the fresh taste of clean water and ice. For more information and models see new built-in Sub-Zero refrigerators.

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