Narrow 3-zone induction cooktop by Whirlpool – ACM705NE

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the 3-zone induction cooktop, Whirlpool ACM705NE offers 3 energy-efficient induction zones, touch control operation, 9 power levels for precise temperature control, easy-to-clean black glass surface, residual heat indicators and child lock. Whirlpool induction cooktops are available in a wide range of sizes, layouts and features, from single zone 37 cm wide hobs, to 77 cm wide cooktops with 4 induction zones, offering many possibilities and options.

All cooktops come with a boost setting and a timer, both fitted to some or all zones, depending on the model. Several hobs are equipped with the innovative pan-detection system, so if a pan is removed from a zone, power to that zone is automatically switched off. An induction hob also operates far more efficiently than conventional hobs, because they lose very little heat to the cooking surface or the surrounding atmosphere, resulting in up to 40% less energy usage. Another benefit is the extra responsiveness of induction cooktops, as they react much faster when changing the power level compared with radiant hobs. New power options like Melting, Keep Warm and Fast Boil allow for near limitless cooking flexibility. Whirlpool. See induction cooktop reviews.

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