Slim electric cooktop

Gaggenau new ultra slim electric cooktop, the CE 490 is 36 inches wide yet only 13.5 inches deep, transforming the traditional cooktop and creating new installation opportunities for innovative kitchen design while opening up valuable counter space. The sleek design of this slim cooktop does double duty in the kitchen, adhering to Gaggenau credo of timeless, modern design while offering the output levels of Gaggenau traditionally sized electric cooktop. Framed in stainless steel, the CE 490 electric cooktop pairs well with Gaggenau AT 400 ventilation table to fit a standard-depth kitchen countertop. 4 clearly marked cooking zones are operated with maneuverable and removable Twist-Pad control, a magnetic knob that selects the cooking zone and controls the output level and cooking time. All electric cooking zones are ergonomically placed lengthwise across the surface of the cooktop, increasing efficiency and flow in the kitchen. Two 1,200 watt 6-inch Super-Quick cooking zones, one Super-Quick cooking zone that flexes from 1,700 watts at 5 inches to 2,000 watts at 7 inches and one Super-Quick cooking zone that flexes from 1,500 watts at 7 inches to 2,400 watts at 9 inches give you unprecedented cooking performance and flexibility.

Precise electronic control lets home chefs choose from 17 output levels, including quick-boil in all 4 zones. And Gaggenau exclusive frying sensor technology allows the electric cooktop to work in conjunction with special frying sensor pans to keep oil at the perfect temperature for frying. Without variations in oil temperature, oil never overheats, preventing smoking and splashing. The constant temperature also ensures healthy frying by minimizing the decomposition of oil as it heats. Automatic cooking times of up to 99 minutes can be simultaneously set for each cooking zone and the memory function prepares favorite meals with ease. Individual residual heat indicators and a safety lock. Gaggenau.

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