New GE Monogram electronic induction cooktops

If you like the latest GE Monogram gas cooktops, but prefer induction cooking, the new GE Monogram electronic induction cooktops is very likely what you have been looking for. Available in 4 models – 36″ and 30″ widths in black or beige with stainless steel trim, these stylish electronic induction cooktops have the most powerful induction element in the industry, delivering captivating design, top notch performance and ultimate convenience.
Induction elements use electricity to produce a magnetic field that reacts with the iron in metal cookware, including cast iron and magnetic stainless steel pans, and subsequently transfers the heat to the cookware. With the 3700 Watt, 11″ induction element, these GE Monogram electronic induction cooktops do just that, providing precisely controlled, instantaneous heat across 19 different cooking settings. Embedded digital controls offer style and convenience. Ge Digital Pan-Sensing technology detects the presence of pans made of iron materials, while Pan Size sensor automatically adjusts the heating element to the size of the pan. Warm Setting provides just enough heat to maintain an ideal serving temperature. Timer, Control-Lock capability and Hot-Surface indicator give you a peace of mind. The retail prices of 36-inch GE Monogram electronic induction cooktops are ranging from $2,350 to $2,650. The 30 inch model price ranges from $1,850 to $2,150. GE Appliances.

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