42 inch 6-burner Miele gas cooktops

The new 42 inch 6-burner Miele cooktop, available in natural gas or liquid propane, combines top notch performance with a flexible design and offers unmatched cooking power and options. This Miele gas cooktop has 6 completely sealed burners totaling astonishing 73,800 BTUs – one 16,500 BTU double inset super burner, one 15,300 BTU double inset super burner, two 12,000 BTU super burners and two 9,000 BTU high-speed burners. The super burner is conveniently located in the front of the cooktop, making wok stir-fry, pan sautéing or just big pot cooking practical and safe. The cooktops also come with two choices of grade designs – KM 3485 model has Linear grade and KM 3484 has Hexa design
The stainless steel finish and convenient side control panel with stainless steel knob controls and wok ring make looking at and using these gas cooktops very pleasant. Miele Fast Ignition system addresses ignition safety control combining the speed and reliability of automatic re-ignition with the flexibility of thermocouple protection. If a flame goes out for any reason, re-ignition is initiated. Should the flame not re-light, the system shuts down the flow of gas, ensuring optimal safety.
The optional Miele griddle plate provides a ridged pattern grill surface across two burners for cooktop grilling, further expanding you cooking horizons.

Cooking with gas is not only about the power. Control is very important too. Operating at a low-heat output is often as important as a high-power setting, and all Miele cooktops allow you to do that. To minimize the heat further still, a Simmer Plate ensures excess heat is diverted away from the pan. Miele cooktops.

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