Modern induction cooktop from Oranier

Modern 4-zone induction cooktop from Oranier, the KFI 2084 iSL offers interesting layout and plenty of power. Two front 23cm induction zones deliver 3.1 kW each, while the rear elements are 18cm in diameter with 2.8 kW output. Oranier iSlide controls allow for a comfortable circular motion with by the finger to increase or reduce the cooking performance. You can also choose from the 3 preset cooking levels including Boost for faster operation.

Other main features of this modern induction cooktop include child safety controls, residual heat indicator, overheating protection, operating time limit, pan recognition and pot size detection, 10 power levels for each cooking zone with booster, 0-99 minute timer and 2 induction bridges between front and rear elements for further versatility. Price is approximately € 1,040. Oranier.
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