Siemens cooktops for Chinese market

Siemens ER 75 K 253 MX Gas Hob
Made of high-grade stainless steel for the Chinese market, this gas hob offers quick heat-up and comes with two 4,000 watt gas burners which ignite immediately upon turning the knob, due to the auto-ignition technology. The control panel, set apart on sleek dark glass, has an integrated timer that can be used to turn the burners off at precise times. The gas hob also has special interlink function letting you automatically operate a matching range hood.

Siemens EL 75261 MX Gas and Induction Hob
Bringing the best of gas and induction cooking to the Chinese consumer, the innovative Siemens combo hob features a gas burner and an energy-efficient induction plate. Easy-to-clean CERAN glass, intuitive knobs, bevelled front edges and side edges with delicate metal profiles.
Siemens ER 74233 MX Gas Hob
A beautifully contrasted black glass and polished metal design projects luxury image in this gas hob. Minimalist contours accentuate the two square burners with 4-mm thick grates made of enamelled steel. The flush grates and stainless steel plates are smoothly integrated into the hob, while two cylinder knobs finished in stainless steel underscore the contrast with cooktop elegant black tempered-glass surface. Siemens.

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