Bosch FlexInduction hobs

The new FlexInduction hobs from Bosch prove again that nothing is so good that it could not be improved. New hobs come with a modular FlexInduction zone for utmost versatility and feature efficient pan recognition with 4 individually controlled, oval induction coils and touch controls with Direct Select option. Bosch FlexInduction hobs come with a variable-use, 40 x 20 centimeters wide heating zone, which occupies the entire left side of the hob and consists of two halves.

The halves can be used separately in standard mode or connected to form a continuous surface in flexible mode. Small and large pots and pans can be positioned in any way. In flexible mode, the entire cooking area is supplied with even power and heat is generated only under the pot. Below the surface of FlexInduction zone these hobs have 4 oval, electromagnetic coils, allowing for a particularly uniform heat distribution over the entire surface and precise pan detection. Depending on the size and shape of the cooking utensil only selected coils can be used. The Bosch FlexInduction hobs make the already flexible and efficient induction technology even more adaptable, and cooking more enjoyable and safer. Currently available in two models, the PIN651T14E and PIN675N14E. Bosch. Previously, flexible induction hobs from Neff and Siemens.

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