V-ZUG compact oven

The new Combair XSL 60 oven is the top-of-the-range V-ZUG compact oven from its new 45 Series, featuring sophisticated design and advanced cooking options. The 45 Series are part V-ZUG FutureLine Collection which encompasses the complete kitchen range and impresses with its clear concept, forms and aesthetics. The Combair XSL 60 offers 10 cooking modes including BakeOmatic, Soft-roasting, Hot Air, Humid Hot Air, Top / Bottom Heat, PizzaPlus, Bottom Heat, Humid Top / Bottom Heat, Convection Grill and Grill.

The BakeOmatic mode has programs for 15 different food groups. It identifies the quantity, shape and consistency of the food to be cooked, and automatically adjusts cooking time and temperature, allowing you prepare any dish.
The Soft-roasting mode enables good-quality, seared or non-seared pieces of meat to be prepared gently. You can select exactly when you want cooking to finish, irrespective of the weight or thickness of the meat. The cooking space temperature is controlled automatically.
The Humid Hot Air mode heats air by the heating element located behind the back of the cooking space and evenly circulate it through the cavity. The steam it produces is removed from the cooking space while the food moisture is retained.
Other highlights of the 50-litre Combair XSL 60 compact oven include operating time / switch-off time, warming function, food probe, climate sensor, integrated recipes, electronic controls, clock timer, plain text display and interior light. Available in Chrome Glass, Mirror Glass, Alu Glass.
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