New Best by Broan professional indoor and outdoor vent hoods

The WP29 and WPD29 are the latest professional-style vent hoods from Best by Broan. These hoods supply powerful ventilation and brilliant lighting, but most importantly, they give you and superior performance for all your indoor and outdoor cooking.
The outdoor vent hood, WPD29 is made of marine grade 316 stainless steel with a seamless, welded design for a completely flawless appearance. With its 27 inch depth, this professional hood can handle the heat and size of outdoor gas grills. The variable speed controls are marine-grade with lighting and memory feature, and will sustain extreme heat and moisture. If you live on the coast, an optional hood cover will protect the finish against salt water environment. Optional 12″ corrosion-resistant stainless steel soffit flue and backsplash accessories also are available for the WPD29. Available with internal or external blower. Bright halogen lighting, heat sentry for automatic heat detection and speed adjustment.

The professional style indoor vent hood, WP29, features a seamless, welded design providing a flawless appearance. Made from a 304 stainless steel, with a deep hood enclosure, it allows for excellent capture of smoke and odors, while the specially coated silver ion stainless steel makes cleaning effortless. Unique to the WP29 are Evolution baffle filters, which combine the performance of baffle filters with the efficiency of mesh for the ultimate in filtration. Also unique to the WP29 are concealed, infinitely adjustable controls that remember the last setting used, making operation simple and easy. This indoor professional hood is available in six widths – 30, 36, 42, 48, 54 and 60 inches, and two depths – 24 and 27 inches. An optional non-ducted recirculation kit is available for hoods up to 48 inches wide. Bright halogen lighting, heat sentry for automatic heat detection and speed adjustment, optional decorative soffit flue cover and decorative panel to cover the top of exposed hood or soffit flue covers. Previously, Waterfall hood from Ultimate line and F.A. Porsche chimney hood. Best by Broan.

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