Gaggenau hood – professional 48″ hood with Coanda Effect

The 48″ Gaggenau hood comes with 2 additional fans that send airflow towards a cylinder positioned right at the front of the ventilator, creating Coanda effect. The cylinder pushes the air back over the cooktop towards the rear of the ventilator, and the backward airflow guides any steam or smoke directly towards the filter area of the hood, ensuring virtually perfect ventilation over the whole of the cooking area. This aerodynamic effect greatly enhances the performance and efficiency of the AH 360 Gaggenau hood. This hood comes with 3 standard power levels plus a special intensive mode. The intensive mode boosts extraction for a short period of time for cooking which generates large amounts of smoke or steam, like searing or Teppan style grilling. Main features include dishwasher safe, stainless steel filter, filter saturation indicator, large, easy to read digital display, 4 20W halogen lamps and Delayed Shut-Off which allows you to run at the selected power level for an extra 10 minutes to catch any remaining vapor and leave the kitchen air absolutely clean. The AH 360 Gaggenau hood can be used in both, extraction and recirculating modes and has top extraction rate of 560 CFM with noise levels not exceeding 63 dBA. Price is $3,700. Gaggenau USA. Previously, Gaggenau range hood.

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