Best cooktop ventilation hood

Designed from polished steel and glass, the Best S.p.A. Fixo is not your typical cooktop downdraft vent, but a counter top mounted cooktop ventilation hood with 4-speed electronic controls and 630 cubic-meter per hour extraction performance.

This downdraft ventilation hood is positioned above the cooktop and can be installed in duct out mode and with external motor. Such an installation looks quite similar to the countertop range hood, which is more common in Europe than in the USA. The 90cm wide Best Fixo cooktop ventilation hood comes with timer, three 3-watt LED lights and two washable aluminum grid grease filters. Noise level range is between 47 and 65 dB(A).
European Kitchen Hoods from BEST S.p.A. Platinum Collection
Best S.p.A. Sorpresa Collection
Countertop extractor by Homeier

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