Recessed table ventilation by Siemens

The flat, 90cm wide recessed table ventilation hood from Siemens, the ever elegant stainless and black glass combination moves out of the countertop when you are cooking, then smoothly retracts and disappears flush with your countertop. The design awards you with a completely unobstructed view of your modern kitchen. And the Siemens LD97AA670 delivers an extraction rate of up to 750 m³/h with superb efficiency, ensuring you always have fresh, clean air.

The downdraft vent hood is suitable for ducted or recirculating air operation. The latter requires a charcoal filter, of course. Between the fully raised and recessed levels, this table ventilation has almost 41cm elevation. It is equipped with the 3-speed + 2 Intensive levels high performance blower, electronic touch control with filter change indicator, dishwasher-safe aluminum multilayer cassette grease filter and LED light with dimming function. You also have a choice between 5- and 10-minute reset options for Intensive levels. Siemens.
Siemens designer wall vent hood
Siemens CleanAir recirculating extractor hood

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