Dacor 36″ Epicure Ventilation System

An efficient, high-quality ventilation system is essential to improving air quality in the kitchen. Ventilation Systems not only eliminate kitchen odors, but also help to control the humidity in a kitchen, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. Dacor 36″ Epicure Ventilation system offers a stylish solution for homeowners who need a ventilation system but do not want the look of a large hood hanging from the ceiling. Designed in beautiful stainless steel, this innovative ventilation system is installed discreetly under the counter surface and remains out of view when not in use. When needed, the system rises 15″ above the countertop to efficiently remove smoke and other cooking odors. When finished, the touch of a button lowers the system back into the surface of the counter for a clear, uncluttered countertop. The ventilation system’s slim profile makes it versatile and allows it to be installed behind an oven/cooktop combination.

Dacor specially designed the Epicure Ventilation System to compliment the Distinctive Cooktop and Distinctive Rangetop. The system has an infinite speed blower control and must be vented with a Remote Blower or In Line Blower, which reduce kitchen noise, or a Cabinet Blower. Powerful and efficient design allows Dacor blowers to easily remove the most persistent and dense kitchen pollutants from heat and odor to steam and smoke.
With industry leading features and design, the ventilation system from Dacor continue to bring the brand’s unique styling, innovation and cooking performance to the kitchen. The Epicure 36″ Raised Ventilation system will be available to dealers in March 2011 starting at $980. Previously, Dacor 24″ Distinctive Microwave.

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