BEST Sorpresa Generation II Collection

The original Sorpresa Collection consisted of 9 designer hoods in island, wall and ceiling models. The BEST Sorpresa Generation II Collection adds 4 new designs – Intrigue, Sphera, Sun and Fusion. With these 13 stunning range hoods, Sorpresa, which means surprise in Italian, offers modern shapes and designs that will immediately become the focal point of your kitchen. The Generation II 4 hoods have internal blowers, 2 halogen lights and 4-speed electronic push button controls with heat sentry, Delay Off, filter timer.

Available in a white or black glass backdrop with a stainless steel disc center, Sun is a wall mounted range hood that creates a dramatic centerpiece on any kitchen wall. Available for both ducted and non-ducted applications, Sun features perimeter extraction, allowing this wall range hood to capture smoke and odor more effectively. Sun is ideal for installation above 30″ or 36″ wide gas, electric or induction cooktops. Designed primarily for recirculation, the hood can be installed with optional flues and an optional flue cover for a ducted application, where it reaches 490 CFM.
With its smooth lines and flowing intersection of dark and light, glass and steel, Fusion brings soothing elements of nature to your kitchen. The appearance of a midnight sky meeting the horizon or of a breeze whispering against a silver wave brings a sense of calm to the kitchen like never before. Stainless steel and reflective glass meet dramatically in the Fusion range hood, forming a yin and yang connection. The wall hood works as ducted or recirculated hood and offers 490 CFM with an optional duct. The fusion between the two dissimilar surfaces of this range hood provides a natural and peaceful feel in the kitchen.
Intrigue looks more like a piece of floating artwork than a functional range hood. This innovative design by BEST will leave your guests intrigued by the very nature of the hood. Its upside down question mark shape and shelf-like appearance are sure to be a conversation starter in the kitchen. Available in stainless steel, Intrigue can be painted from the flue to the chimney to make this portion of the hood nearly invisible against the wall. This wall rage hood available for ducted or recirculated application, and a convenient multispeed control allows a perfect performance selection from a powerful 460 CFM blower.
Sphera from BEST Sorpresa Generation II Collection offers a fully functional island range hood disguised as an elegant sculpture effortlessly suspended from above. With the appearance of a bold, glossy pendant light, Sphera, available in white or black luxurious, rich finish, is sure to become a central feature of your modern kitchen. This island hood functions as a recirculation hood and with 250 CFM blower is ideal for a compact 30″ wide cooking surface. For larger cooktops you should install 2 Sphera hoods side by side for optimal functionality – and twice the design. BEST.

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