Designer wall hood from Wind Crest

If you want an eye-catching designer wall hood for your modern kitchen, Wind Crest has now two elegant models for you to consider. Crafted to compliment contemporary kitchen decor, Wind Crest Falcon and Stealth chimney-style designer wall hoods will become the focal point. The high performance hoods are not only visually stunning, featuring ultra-modern glass shaped canopies, but work hard to clean the air and silently rid the kitchen of odors, smoke, vapors and even grease.
A beautiful addition to any modern kitchen, the Falcon comes with a graceful S-curved clear glass canopy, stainless steel filter housing and chimney extension. Standard features include a 600 CFM internal blower, electronic controls, seamless construction and a chimney extension that accommodates up to a 9-foot ceiling. Accessories include a canopy extension for 10-foot ceilings and recirculating filter kit for ductless applications. Available in sizes to accommodate a 30- or 36-inch width cooktop, this designer wall hood adds instant drama to your decor.
With its straight lines and eye-catching European styled grey glass canopy, the Stealth offers minimalist design and compliments the most state-of-the-art kitchen. Available in 30- and 36- widths, this 600 CFM hood isn’t just considered deadly to odors and grease, but its sleek styling demands attention. The designer wall hood can also be converted for ductless applications, as well as 10-foot ceilings.
Featuring standard 20-gauge stainless steel construction, seamless welded edges and electronic controls with three blower settings, these hoods also feature halogen lighting with dual 50-watt lamps and Wind Crest QuickRelease aluminum-mesh, dishwasher safe filters.

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