Bosch dishwasher – new Ascenta dishwashers

The Energy Star qualified SHE4AM1 belongs to the new Bosch dishwasher line – Ascenta. This Bosch premium dishwasher offers high efficiency, quiet performance and visually appealing design. It also comes with exclusive EcoSense Wash Management System, which examines the soil level in the water and customizes the water consumption and heat to save on energy costs. Another innovative feature is a revolutionary new wash tub made from stainless steel with a reinforced polypropylene base, a first in the U.S. High-quality, long-term tested polypropylene makes the tub of these Bosch dishwashers significantly more durable than conventional all-plastic tubs. Bosch also incorporated a Half Load option and the exclusive QuickWash program, making this dishwasher quite fast and energy efficient. This convenient program runs a quick 30-minute cycle for smaller loads or less soiled dishes, helping to save both time and energy. Ascenta is also one of the quietest dishwasher lines in its class, due to the sound-reduction technology that includes a new drain pump which reduces noise when water is draining from the machine. The detergent and rinse aid dispenser is redesigned and repositioned to optimize their release. This new location has the added effect of reducing water spray from hitting the dishwasher inner door, making less noise, while using less water for the cleaning agents. Unlike conventional dishwashers where water falls randomly onto an exposed heating element, resulting in slower and less energy-efficient heating, this Bosch dishwasher has flow-through-water-heater with 100% of the water channeled through tight coils in a confined heating chamber, which heats the water quickly and efficiently up to 161º F. In addition, all Ascenta dishwashers utilize condensation drying to save money on your energy bills. Condensation drying works by heating the dishes with hot water from the final rinse. Moisture condenses on the cool stainless steel tub and is drained, so your clean dishes dry without an energy-wasting active drying element. Five cycles of this Bosch dishwasher – Power Scrub Plus, Auto Super Wash, Auto Plus, Auto Wash and Extreme Wash are certified with National Sanitation Foundation, ensuring your dishes are 99.99% bacteria free at the end of each cycle. Safety features include an overflow protection system, hidden heating element and child lock. Convenience features are delay start, manually adjustable top rack, 3 EasyLoad standard racks and 3 standard silverware baskets. The price for this stainless steel dishwasher is $700. Also available in white and black for $550. Other Ascenta models are SHX3AM0, SHE5AM0 and SHE4AM0. Bosch. Previously, 45 cm slimline Bosch dishwasher and Lego dishwasher.

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