Falmec downdraft ventilation

This would be the first Falmec downdraft vent. Thanks to the smooth E-motion system, the fully motorised ventilator goes quietly up to extract the unwanted fumes and odours. Once the work is done, it slides into the worktop for a discreet seamless look. All you have to do is to press that button twice. Ideal for the island installed cooktops and for those who do not like range hoods hovering over head.

Falmec downdraft vent is equipped with quiet perimeter suction system and high performance aluminum blower that is capable of reaching 1,000 m³/h extraction rate. You can also turn on its unique 24-hour air purification mode with the extractor running on its lowest speed for an hour, stopping for the next 3 hours, and then returning to its lowest speed for another hour. Do not forget to turn it off, otherwise the cycle will be repeated. Scotch brite stainless steel, white or black tempered glass top, 8 watt neon lighting, 43 dBA noise level, touch controls. Falmec.

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