Five-zone induction cooktop with bevelled edge from Fagor

For its 2010 collection of induction hobs, Fagor features this 90cm induction model, iF-900S 90CM with stylish bevelled edge and five cooking zones that feature a range of zone sizes with upgraded serigraphy. It also features a 28cm dual zone on the right hand side of the hob which will accommodate larger pans, yet will only use the optimum energy whatever the size of pan. Each independently controlled zone has 12 precise power levels including a boost control, and all benefit from a useful 99-minute timer.

Because heat is instantaneous and the energy is directed into the pan, cooking with this five-zone induction hob is almost twice the speed of gas. As food cooks faster, less energy is used thus making the hob more energy efficient than any other type of hob with up to 90% energy efficiency. Induction is the most controllable type of hob available. Power can be changed between simmer, seal or boil at the single touch of the controls. At the lowest level, chocolate will melt directly in the pan without requiring a bain-marie.
Only the base of the pan is heated while the surrounding surface is cool to the touch. The Fagor hob also benefits from seven safety features including residual heat indicators, anti-overflow detection, child lock, anti-overheat, automatic pan detection, auto safety shut off and small object detection.
The five induction zones offer the following sizes and power outputs,
– front right 16cm diameter with 2.2 kW
– front left 18cm diameter with 2.8 kW
– back right 21cm diameter with 3.1 kW
– back left 18cm diameter with 2.8 kW
– center right 28cm diameter with 3.6 kW
Visit Fagor for more information and details. Previously, induction cooktops from Fagor.

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