Hybrid hood combines extraction with air conditioning

Faber launches new hood and air conditioner combo. Hybrid hood will provide two different functions merged into a single appliance – top notch extraction and powerful air-conditioning. If you think of it, these two completely separate yet very complementary functions should have been combined long ago. Hybrid hood will be capable of cooling, heating and effectively cleaning up the air in a 40 square meter kitchen. Equipped with special filters, it will purify the air. The hood comes with the most advanced technology Faber has to offer including:
– comfort panel allows at least 10 changes of air per hour with a noise never exceeding 55 dB(A)
– optimized speed, programmed according to the kitchen size for proper suction capacity
– intensive extraction gets the highest aspiration and after 10 minutes the hood returns at its previous rate
– Key 24 function keeps hood operational for 24 hours for a continuous air replacement at only 28 dB(A)
– shutdown delay, remote control and alarm saturation filters
– comfort light can be lowered simply by pressing a button
When switched to air conditioning mode, Hybrid hood’s cooling capacity is 3.5 kW and heating capacity is 3.8 kW. 4-speed motor, with noise levels of 64 dB(A) on maximum speed and 70 dB(A) on intensive. Available in January 2009.

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