Imago+ multi media hood

Faber presents Imago+, the multimedia hood with 19″ LCD TV analog and digital tuner, on board recipes, Internet, video call, multimedia player and USB input. It also has web cam, allowing you a constant monitoring of your home, so you can help your mother-in-law struggling with heavy pots, as well as keep an eye on children playing in the bedroom. Hood like this one is capable of transforming a normally dull kitchen into the most glamorous and dynamic room in the house. Imago+ purifies the air and entertains you.
This multi media hood also brings style and design, offering impeccable minimalism characterized by sleek steel and glass finishes, and creating modern atmosphere in your home. Maximum air extraction rate is 870 m³/h at 70 db(A), cassette dishwasher-safe grease filter, remote control, filter saturation alarm, comfort light, Velo LED light and more. Check out all the features of the Imago+ multi media hood. Faber.
Previously, Siemens Media range hood.

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