Metal range hoods by Metallo Arts – custom metal range hood design

Metallo Arts takes the design of custom metal range hoods to a form of art. Its classic hand painted metal range hoods look quite different from what we have seen. There are four standard wall-mount or island frame styles – Botticelli, Cezanne, Mondrian and Bradshaw, allowing you to choose the style and shape you like – from classic and antique curves to simpler, naturally occurring forms to clean horizontal and vertical lines to contemporary striking designs. Each style is available in 18 or 30 inch height and in 30, 36, 42, 48, 54 and 60 inch width. Each custom metal range hood can be made in 9 stunning patterns with 9 relief lip treatment patterns and astonishing 120 finishes. Visit metal hoods builder to create the range hood you want. Functionally, each metal hood is designed to provide the best ventilation for your kitchen. Metallo Arts uses Vent-a-Hood inserts, while the hoods themselves are crafted from 12-gauge steel. The prices for the hoods are rather high, but considering the design, craftsmanship and uniqueness of these luxury metal range hoods, and the fact that they will probably last forever, many will find them a bargain. The wall mount 18″ tall hoods start from $7,077 and top at $11,784 USD, while the 30″ cost from $7,746 to $12,453. The 30″ island custom metal hoods range from $8,894 to $13,431. There is also $750 charge for custom color matching or non-standard finish, and $105 for every additional inch in width, depth or height.
Birth of Fortuna
Metal range hood response to Sandro Botticelli – a perfect match for Diva de Provence range or classic Molteni range.
Zinc range hood
Sheets of solid zinc melted into beautiful patterns and applied with only minimal polishing, result in a truly one-of-a-kind hood.
Custom match for La Cornue CornuFe range
For someone who can shed at least $20,000 for one of La Cornue ranges, here is example of what a matching Metallo Arts range hood may look like.
Jackson Pollock metal range hood
This very custom and unique metal hood was made for a museum curator – Museum of Modern Art would be my guess, using specially thickened latex paints, automotive paints, and metal mica to achieve chaotic textures, which Mr. Pollock was famous for.
Jasper Johns Flag range hood
Made in hammered steel pattern, this hood reminds of the most famous painting by Jasper Johns. Metal range hoods by Metallo Arts.

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