Whirlpool microwaves – new microwave oven hoods

The all new Whirlpool microwave ovens offer convection baking, delivering the same results as a traditional oven, but 30 percent faster. With the industry exclusive non-stick interior, these microwaves also offer newly designed hidden vent, helping you to maintain clean and odor free kitchen environment. Microwaves can now play a more prominent role in the kitchen than just reheating leftovers and making popcorn. One Whirlpool microwave oven features convection baking, giving you an often needed second oven. The second model brings grilling indoors with the help of a quartz heating element that alternates with microwave energy to grill and brown food. The new technology also provides energy savings, since consumers do not have to heat a full-sized traditional oven for baking smaller dishes. Additionally, the microwave steam and grilling functions save the hassle of using countertop and cooktop appliances.

Both new Whirlpool microwaves are very easy to clean with a simple wipe of a damp cloth. In addition, to prevent overheating and waste, proprietary 6th Sense sensor cooking detects the humidity level of the food, adjusting time and temperature as needed during the cooking process. The Whirlpool microwave hood combination with convection, the GMH6185XV will be available beginning in June 2009 with an suggested price of $620. The microwave hood combination with grilling elements, the GMH5184XV will also be available in June 2009 for $520. Previously, Whirlpool JetChef microwave.

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