Whirlpool MAX 28 microwaves

The Whirlpool MAX 28 microwave looks more like a TV than a microwave, but its clever design and features will make it a perfect addition for your kitchen. With its round back, the MAX 28 can fit in a corner or other space that can’t accommodate traditional rectangular microwave. The electronic controls are conveniently located on the top. This microwave also features Whirlpool Crisp system, which allows healthy, and even cooking in a microwave oven, without burning and with little or no fat or oil. This special crisp system uses 3 heat sources – a ferrite crisp plate, grill and microwaves to provide a perfectly finished top and bottom for pies, quiches and pizzas. The MAX also has a Jet Defrost system, which defrosts 7 times faster than a conventional microwave. With heating power automatically adjusted, you get perfect results on any types of food, from pizzas and pastries to meat and fish. Available in black, silver, raspberry red or baby blue. The price for these Whirlpool MAX 28 microwaves is £100 or $204 USD. Whirlpool.

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