Combi microwave ovens – Whirlpool Combi microwave with steam and crisp grill

The Jet Saveur combi auto steam grill microwave, Whirlpool VT266, is one of the several combi microwave ovens, available for UK consumers who want to add another dimension to their kitchens. Equipped with special Crisp System for evenly crisp cooking results and steam function for healthy and better tasting meals, these freestanding combi microwaves deliver variety of meals quickly and efficiently. Whirlpool also incorporated the revolutionary 3D emission system for completely even microwave energy distribution, Jet Defrost for incredibly fast defrosting, up to 5 times faster than a conventional microwave and Magic Clean non stick coating for easy cleaning. Main features and benefits of this 24 litre combi microwave oven are electronic controls, 800 watt quartz grill, side opening, 24-hour clock, timer, child lock, microwave cookbook, 7 power levels and compact design with overall dimensions under H30 x W52 x D44 cm. Available in black or silver and sells for around £160. Whirlpool.

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