Bosky cookers

Bosky Super 920 Beige

Made in Italy, the Bosky cookers are quite popular in Europe and Australia, and associated with the strongest and most prestigious solid fuel central heating products. The Bosky range cooker has exceptional versatility and exclusive characteristics. It heats radiators and floors, produces hot water accumulated in a combined boiler, warms the area in which it is installed thanks to the heat from its cooking surface, and ensures exceptional cooking at differential temperatures, due to its ample cooking surface and incorporated oven. Bosky cookers come in several finishes to blend into any decor. Bosky 60/90 and Bosky Super 920 cookers are available with optional electric oven for use in summer months. Bosky is welcomed into the most selective households because of its exclusive and refined, technical and aesthetic features. The Super Bosky 920 Ceramic kitchen stoves feature vitrified (glass-fused to metal) tops and water-heating tanks so that food may be hygienically cooked anywhere on the cooking surface. They will also heat up to 15 radiators. The Bosky 60/60 and 60/90 range cookers offer the option of standard steel or vitrified cooking surfaces. The prices for Bosky 60/60 and 60/90 are € 1.375 and € 2.515 respectively, while Bosky Super 920 cookers come at € 3.795. Thermorossi.
Bosky Super 920 Aquamarine

Bosky 60/90

Bosky 60/60

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