Retro refrigerator – Big Chill retro refrigerators

The retro refrigerator from Big Chill is the one to definitely consider when picking among retro refrigerators available today. Made by American Big Chill this retro refrigerator has style, uniqueness and comes in eight stunning colors. While it looks retro, it acts very contemporary with great efficiency and reliability. Made from stamped metal with terrific chrome trim, Big Chill has that warm retro look, but this refrigerator comes with temperature management system, automatic moisture control, easy-clean spill-proof glass shelves, clear egg bin, optional automatic ice maker and butter compartment. The freezer shelf is adjustable and left hand hinge door is readily available. Total capacity is 20.9 cubic feet, and overall dimensions are 68.5″ tall, 33.125 wide and 33.75″ deep. The base retail price is only $2,700. This retro refrigerator is definitely worth your time while looking for retro refrigerators.

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