Free standing induction range – new ranges from GE Profile

The new GE Profile free standing induction range brings superior induction cooking to the U.S. consumer. The innovative technology cooks via a magnetic field to provide the responsiveness of gas, remarkably fast heating and excellent efficiency. Offered exclusively under the GE Profile brand, the free standing range provides home cooks the higher level of control needed to achieve superior results. The faster, more efficient technology saves precious minutes by bringing water to the boiling point faster than gas or electric cooktops. It also saves time after dinner, because spills will not cook onto the stove. The induction range seamless design allows any liquid or food to be simply wiped away.
With induction cooking, the surface surrounding the burners does not get hot. Instead, a current is produced when an induction compatible pan with a steel or magnetic bottom is placed on the cooktop. The current heats the pan and cooks the food inside. Less energy is wasted with induction cooking compared to gas or electric, because the technology transfers heat directly to the cookware and the food, rather than heating up the surface area of the cooktop. With a 3.7 kW output element, the innovative cooktop assures that meats, vegetables and soups cook quickly and efficiently. Sauces and other delicate foods may be gently warmed on the simmer level.

With all the performance benefits of popular GE Profile free-standing ranges and a variety of new features, the new induction ranges give home chefs the tools they need to prepare food with restaurant-quality results. Designed in a variety of colors, finishes and sizes, the new free-standing ranges will be available in July 2009. GE Appliances.
Induction range cooker by Viking
Free standing range from Whirlpool
Freestanding electric range from GE Cafe
30″ free standing GE Profile electric double oven range
30″ GE profile trivection range

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