Gas cookers with hot air from Asko

The 90 cm gas cooker, Asko CG9931 is the stainless steel 5-burner range with 85 liter multifunction oven. Oven has timer, step-less temperature regulator, 2 interior lights and offers drying/defrosting, top/bottom heat, grill, hot-air fan and top/bottom heat, hot-air fan and bottom heat, hot-air fan and round heating element, hot-air grill and fan. It is quite easy to clean with Asko’s Platina Easy Clean enamel. Other features of this gas cooker include stainless top, panel and hob frame, electronic ignition, removable glass oven door and shelf runners. Safety features include flame control, triple safety glass and anti-tilt. The price is around €1300.
The CG9361 is smaller of the two Asko gas cookers, and being only 60 cm wide and ‘A’ Energy rated, this slim gas cooker is excellent choice for space and energy conscience consumer. The 50 litre oven has 10 functions – light, drying/defrosting, top/bottom heat, top heat, bottom heat, hot-air fan and top/bottom heat, hot air and round heating element, grill, grill and fan, hot-air fan and bottom heat. Features include oven timer, step-less temperature regulator, electronic lighting spark, telescopic rails, storage drawer, removable glass oven door and shelf runners, Platina Easy Clean enamel, stainless range top, flame control, triple safety glass door and anti-tilt. Price is €950. Asko.

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