Modern range cooker from Heartland Appliances – Toledo XT

Beautifully crafted Toledo XT from Heartland Appliances is the dual fuel modern range cooker with functionality and performance matching its style and sophisticated design. Two large electric ovens feature convenient side-opening French doors, making leaning over a hot oven door obsolete. The main seven-mode multifunction oven includes defrost, fan assisted, convection broil, true convection, conventional roast/bake, broil element and base heat, giving you ways to cook for every occasion. Six high efficiency commercial style burners with electronic ignition and flame failure cut-off have total rating of 65,400 BTU, including one 5,000 BTU, one 12,000 BTU, and two 15,000 BTU and two 9,200 BTU burners. Heavy duty cast iron grates of this modern range cooker create an even cooking surface so pots and pans easily slide from burner to burner. Both ovens are independently controlled, with second oven featuring true convection cooking. Full width storage drawer, optional Wok cradle and griddle kit. Available in black, silver or stainless steel. The price for the 44″ modern range cooker is around $4,000. Heartland Appliances. Previously, Heartland Paragon range cooker.

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