Insight Ranges with microwave drawer from Sharp

The Insight Range incorporates the superior performance of Sharp microwave technology into a sleek range cooker, delivering the ultimate in cooking style and convenience. The Insight Range is a 3-in-1 cooking center that combines a 30″ glass ceramic cooktop, conventional or convection oven, and Sharp unique microwave drawer in one space-saving appliance. The clever design positions the microwave at a convenient height, making the range ideal for consumers who use their microwave often. Available in freestanding models KB-3401L and KB-3425L or slide-in configuration model KB-4425L. The microwave drawer oven brings convenience to the cooking process, providing easy reach-in access, eliminating the need to remove dishes from the microwave when checking or stirring foods. It incorporates Sharp sensor technology for superior microwave cooking and reheating results, and its smooth floor enables easy clean-up. Both the microwave drawer and lower oven are artfully concealed behind large viewing windows for a sleek unified look. All Insight and Insight Pro Ranges feature a smooth glass ceramic cooktop that is easy to maintain. A deluxe heavy-duty back splash on freestanding models protects walls behind the range. The KB-3425L and KB-4425L feature front-mounted angled and lighted glass touchscreen controls that are readily accessible, easy to use and easy to clean. Model KB-3401L features a front-mounted glass touch control panel with separate LCD displays for the oven and microwave drawer, while the glass control panel on models KB-3425L and KB-4425L features Sharp LCD touch-screen technology to simplify the cooking process with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips. Depending on the model, the ranges include one or two EZ Pull oven racks that are ideal for handling heavier items. A warming zone on the smooth glass cooktop enables easy meal coordination when preparing multiple dishes. In addition, all models offer the benefits of European-type convection cooking with an additional heating element that provides even heat and a consistent temperature throughout the oven cavity. Three convection options – Bake, Broil and Roast provide ideal settings for a wide array of foods to cook them faster with superb results, such as cookies, crusty breads or juicy steaks. Because convection cooking settings are different than those of a standard oven, Insight Pro Ranges feature Custom Conversion technology – with exact settings for specifics foods instead of general food categories – that automatically adjust time and temperature for perfect results. The prices depend on the range model with total of 8 available, and one of three finishes – white, black and stainless steel, and range from $1,900 for KB-3401LW in white to $2,500 for KB-4425LS in stainless steel. Sharp Appliances. Previously, Insight ProCooktop and microwave drawer.

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