Jade range – 48″ commercial style range cooker with griddle and charbroiler

The 48″ Jade range, RJGR4872A is the commercial style range cooker that make cooking a breeze. Flexibility is endless with this range. Dedicated simmer burner has one of the widest adjustment ranges, from 500 to 10,000 BTUs, to meet any of your demands. Flat griddle allows you to cook anything from breads, scones, and pancakes to omelets and steaks on top of this Jade range, and you can charbroil fish, meat and vegetables with ease. Burners are finely adjusted to the exact temperature for impeccable results. Whatever you want, simmer or sear, this 48″ commercial style Jade range cooker is perfect for. The 27,500 BTU convection oven and 20,000 BTU chef’s oven provide for baking and convection cooking. The price is around $8,000.

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